Rose Marie                  By Gregory Bradler


First Verse                                          

There is a woman her name is Rose Marie                                         

She is the best thing to ever happen to me                            

We met at a bus stop who would ever think                         

She's quite health-conscious; she doesn't even drink             



That's Rose Marie, Rose Marie                                              

I thank the Lord for bringing me Rose Marie            


Second Verse             

She practices yoga; I wish her namaste                     

And when she smiles at me she really makes my day                       

She makes me dinner; she's quite a cook                   

And sometimes late at night, she'll curl up with a book                    



I also want to thank her Mom and Dad                                 

For bringing Rose into this world                                          

My life was good but now it's better than it's  ever been                              

Now that Rosie Marie's my girl                     


Third Verse                

She's good to others; that's how she lives her life                 

And I am glad to say that Rose Marie's my wife                  

And now I'll end this song before my food gets cold                       

And thank the Lord with all my hear and soul                      



For Rose Marie, Rose Marie              

I thank the Lord for bringing me Rose Marie            

Repeat Chorus                       



I thank the Lord for RoseMarie