Goodbye         By Gregory Bradler


Well you've got your gilded chain     

And you know you can't complain    

But you feel it coming on, yeah you feel it coming on          


Well I tried to be your friend 

But I felt the bitter end          

And when it did subside       

There was you and all your pride       

And my pride 


Well I think about you still,   

And I guess I always will      

When I feel it coming on; when I feel it coming on  


All the chances that we lost   

And the ideas that were tossed         

They were crushed beneath the weight         

Of our love and of our hate   

Is it too late?  

To tempt the hands of Fate?  

Would it be worth the wait?  

Would we not hesitate?         


Now I'm with another girl,    

And to me she means the world        

Still I think about the time     

When our romance ruled my mind    


And I wish you all the best    

‘Cause you deserve nothing less        

And I know that you'll survive          

More than that, I know you'll thrive  

All your life    

As someone else's wife          

Good luck, goodbye