Bull In A China Shop                         By Gregory Bradler   



She's a bull in a china shop                                                    

She's gonna break things                                

She's a bull in a  china shop, bull in a china shop                                           

She's gonna break things, gonna break things                       

Look out now, she's coming my way                        

She breaks something almost every day                                            


First Verse                                                      

She is sweet and lovely as can be                                          

But sometimes she can be a bit clumsy                                              

When she gets in a hurry                                            

That's when I start to worry                                       

‘Cause broken fragments may come flying at me                                          




Second Verse                                     

Now she's fiddling with something made of glass                                        

And I know I must run for cover fast                                   

First she begins to juggle                                           

Then she loses the struggle                                        

And soon I'll hear a booming crash                                       





She's a bull in a china shop that I know                                             

But she is my baby and I love her so                                     


Third Verse                                        

That's the way things tend to be around here                                    

You almost have to wear protective gear                                          

But although she may break things                                        

Her love makes my heart sing                                    

And that is why I will always be near